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Nurse Files: includes Individualized Health Plans

Contains Instructions, Individualized Health Plans, Standards of Care, Provider Order forms, Documentation records/logs and resources




The Individualized Health Plan (IHP): Diabetes in School Setting and Addendums should be used in conjunction with the 200-Standards-of-Care-Diabetes-School-Management-Colorado 2014 Revised and the individual student’s orders from their Health Care Provider.

Instructions for the IHP & Addendums: Provides specific directions for using the Individualized Health Plan and appropriate addendums for the student with diabetes. These are meant for the delegarted unlicensed personnel (health assistants, teachers, coaches) providing services

OPTIONAL HEALTH CARE PLANS & FORMS: Includes Daily Classroom plan, Independent plan, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia flowsheets,


PROVIDER ORDER FORMS: The provider orders should be used in conjunction with the #200 Standards of Care Diabetes School Management-Colorado. The standards provide details of regarding standard of care for students with diabetes in the school setting. NOTE: The student’s health care provider may indicate exceptions to these standards on the student’s individual orders. These Standards were developed in 2013 by the Colorado Kids with Diabetes Care and Prevention Collaborative of local health care providers, nurses and stakeholders.

Note: Provider orders from the Barbara Davis Center may be computer generated and look different from the above orders but will contain the same information. For more information on clarifying orders, see Clarification of Pump Orders from BDCThe school nurse can contact their region’s Diabetes Resource Nurses or contact the Barbara Davis Center for further clarification.


#520 School Nurse FAQs regarding Diabetes Management: Answers questions related to stabilizing snack, correction factors, out of state orders, lack of supplies, field trips, etc.

NDEP Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: The purpose of this guide is to educate school personnel about effective diabetes management and to share a set of practices that enable schools to ensure a safe learning environment for students with diabetes, particularly those who use insulin to control the disease (all students with type 1 and some with type 2 diabetes).

#728 Developmental Stages and Diabetes: Students need to be encouraged and supported to gradually assume diabetes self-care as they mature and demonstrate confidence. Newly diagnosed students may temporarily be unable to perform tasks per their developmental age until they adjust to their diagnosis and new life. This general list can help guide discussions as a child matures and advances in responsibility.

#729 Psycho-Social Aspects of Diabetes: The diagnosis of diabetes can cause any number of feelings in each family member as well as in the family as a group. This guide can be helpful as a child with diabetes grows into their disease and may help identify possible solutions.

#726 FieldTripConsiderations: A tip sheet for making arrangements with the classroom teacher and school so that your child is safe and well cared for on field trips.