Teacher’s and School Personnel Toolkit

 Information for teachers and school personnel to assist the student in being safe at school and accessing their education

Tips to help Teachers keep kids safe at school: Presentation provides and overview of diabetes and managment at school – includes classroom tips.

Children with Diabetes ADA brochure : Information for School and Child Care Providers

Ten Tips for Teachers : Quick tips for supporting the student with diabetes in the classroom.

Guidelines for Teachers: provides a list of critical responsibilities for the teacher of students with diabetes.

Solutions for common concerns-diabetes at school

#728 Developmental Stages and Diabetes: Students need to be encouraged and supported to gradually assume diabetes self-care as they mature and demonstrate confidence. Newly diagnosed students may temporarily be unable to perform tasks per their developmental age until they adjust to their diagnosis and new life. This general list can help guide discussions as a child matures and advances in responsibility.

Diabetes Care Tasks at School: What Key Personnel Need to Know:  two-part training curriculum consisting of 13 PowerPoints with corresponding video segments.  It is intended for health care professionals to use to train school nurses and other school personnel on diabetes care tasks.

Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed: A Guide for School Personnel/ADA

Bus Emergency Medication on Bus 2013: Provided by the Colorado Department of Education – guidelines for medication administration on school buses.