Colorado Diabetes Resource Nurses


Colorado Diabetes Resource Nurses (DRNs) of Colorado is a non-profit organization that connects highly qualified school nurses and public health nurses to school districts throughout Colorado to provide consultations, technical assistance, and resources to support standardized health services for children with diabetes in the schools.  DRNs do not provide direct care.

  • Our mission is to ensure safe, evidence-based care for children with diabetes in Colorado schools and child care settings.  We pursue our mission through collaboration, education, and providing resources for children, families, school personnel, and diabetes care providers, to support children with diabetes so they may thrive in their school/child care environments.

Regional Diabetes Resource Nurse: provides consultations to school nurses and other school staff in multiple districts within a defined geographic region.

District Diabetes Resource Nurse: provides consultations to school nurses and district staff within her/his district of employment.

Please click this link for a list of our current DRNs by county: DRNs Contact info Spring 2024