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In Colorado, it is estimated that there are over 3,700 children who have been diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.  Research has shown that intensive management of diabetes helps decrease the long-term complication of the disease.  Children with diabetes require special management of diabetes and their health care needs at school/child care to allow them to access the same education and opportunities as their peers and to keep them safe at school/child care.

DRN Brochure 2020

In August 2005, the American Diabetes Association, Colorado Association of School Nurses, Colorado Department of Education and the Colorado Department of Health and Environment in conjunction with other stakeholders such as healthcare providers, parents and other community partners launched the Diabetes Care in Colorado Schools Collaborative renamed Colorado Kids with Diabetes Care and Prevention Collaborative.

The vision of the collaborative is to assure quality care and safety for Colorado’s children with diabetes within the school community.

The collaborative accomplishments include developing:

  • Statewide standards of care and guidelines for the safe management of children with diabetes in schools
  • Standardized health and medical forms to be utilized by school nurses, parents and healthcare providers
  • Parent School Toolkit to assist families in educating school personnel
  • Innovative Diabetes Resource Nurse Consultant Program that connects nurses with expert training in diabetes with school nurses

In 2021, we officially became a registered non-profit organization in the state of Colorado!  Our DRN council then transitioned to a Board of Directors.

  • Our mission is to ensure safe, evidence-based care for children with diabetes in Colorado schools and child care settings.  We pursue our mission through collaboration, education, and providing resources for children, families, school personnel, and diabetes care providers, to support children with diabetes so they may thrive in their school/child care environments.

We have a great team of collaborators helping to move our program forward and create sustainability.  Here is our current list of  Board of Directors.

Diabetes Resource Nurses of Colorado Board