Educational Classes

We believe that continuing education for our school nurses is a vital part of keeping current in their careers and enables them to continue to manage their students with diabetes with confidence and with the most up-to-date foundation of knowledge!

We will be offering a series of courses throughout the year that we believe will help meet these goals.  Each class will be $20 per person, will be approximately 60-75 minutes long, and will provide the participant  1 contact hour of nursing education.

The emphasis in the Spring 2023 semester is on mental and behavioral health.  

The first course of our series covered the topic of Medical Neglect  taught by Ellen Fay-Itzkowitz (LCSW, CDCES).  (Please click here for Ellen’s Bio) She covered the many complications of untreated T1D, acute and long term, how to collaborate with the family and Barbara Davis Center, when to consider report to DHS for medical neglect, and some of the best ways to get the case assigned for investigation.  If you are still interested in registering for this as an ad hoc class and receiving 1 contact hour upon completion, please contact us directly at

The second course of our series was also presented by Ellen Fay Itzkowitz, LCSW, CDCES (Please click here for Ellen’s Bio) and covered the topic of Developmentally Appropriate Self Care for children with diabetes in the school and childcare settings.  If you are still interested in registering for this as an ad hoc class and receiving 1 contact hour upon completion please contact us directly at

Our third and final course for the Spring series will be presented on Thursday, April 27th from 1-2PM.  It will cover the topic of Disordered Eating in Adolescents with Diabetes.  Paige Trojanowski, PH.D. (Click here for Paige’s Bio) will be the speaker for this presentation.  She is a Clinical Psychologist who works as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Barbara Davis for Childhood Diabetes in Denver.  She will discuss the prevalence and complications associated with disordered eating in youth with diabetes,  provide clues for identifying disordered eating in youth, and promote awareness of weight stigma and bias. 

  • Click “Buy Now” to register for Class #3: Disordered Eating in Adolescents with Diabetes
  • Please do not share this link with those who are not registered
  • 1 contact hour of education will be awarded for those who have registered and completed the class (min. 50 minutes of participation)
  • Once you have completed the class (either live, or at a later date), your certificate will be emailed to you within 1 week
  • No refunds are available.  However, if you register for a class and are unable to attend, please contact us and we will send you a link to view the course at a later date or credit your account for a future class